The Day I Shot Spongebob

Saturday, March 16, 2013

    Do your kids have that one favorite cartoon, that they could watch over, and over again?  Well for my four year old daughter it's Spongebob.  Not only do we have to watch it at least twice everyday, but she wants a Spongebob birthday party this year.  Needless to say me and Chris are so sick of him that we dream of killing him so we never have to watch him again!  Sometimes when it's on, I skip right by it and tell her, "no Spongebob's not on today."  I know I'm a horrible mom, but honestly I can't help it.  You can only take so much of that freaking laugh, then you want to pull your hair out!  And to make matters worse now my daughter wants a "tattoo" of him, and she wants his teeth!  When she first told me that I was like why in the world would you want buck teeth like Spongebob?  But what can I say, I guess kids will be kids.  All I know is that I can't wait until she grows out of this stage, and I hope and pray, our other two children never like him!  So do your kids have a favorite cartoon, that you can't stand?


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