Media Kit

Why Advertise With Us?
You should advertise with us so women, and mom's can see your products. Mom's are the main person in a household that purchase's go through. They buy products for their husband's, children, mom's, friends, sisters, and many others. The majority of our site's readers are women, and seeing your product with a good review, and giveaway will motivate them to try it for themselves.

My Audience:
Most of my readers are moms, and women.

My Numbers:
GFC followers:  548
Twitter followers: 1,610
Facebook fans:  220
Feedburner subscribers:  617
Average Monthly Unique Visitors: 2,425
Networked Blogs:  176 
YouTube Subscribers:  2
Google Pagerank: 2

Advertising Opitions:
Please contact me with what kind of ads, and price you was thinking, and we'll work something out!

Payment Option(s):
Payment will be sent to Paypal.

Advertising Guidelines:
*No spam, or pop-up advertising!
*Nothing that is discriminating!
*For more information, please contact me!

Product Reviews:
I would love to review your product.  If you think that your product is a good fit with my blog, then please feel free to contact me!

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