No News For Me

Sunday, March 17, 2013

    I no longer watch the daily news.  I do however watch it once a week.  The reason you ask?  Wouldn't I want to know what's going on in my community, and in the world?  It's too depressing, it would be different if they put something hopeful or had some good news to tell.  But most of the time, on our local news is about someone going to jail, someone that was shot, or some other type of crime going on.  I prefer not to bring that type of negativity into me or my families life.

    It would be different if they had some different news, or if they had just as much good news as they did bad.  But everyday it seems to be the exact same thing over and over again.  So I decided to stop watching it all together, I check the weather on my phone.  Other than that I'll watch it once a week to see if there's anything important going on that I might have missed (although 90% of the time there isn't).  
     I would love it if they would make a local news station with only good news, like: fireman saves family from burning building.  Or local homeless man wins the lottery.  Stuff like that instead of drugs, death, and crime.  So how do you feel about your local news?  Do you watch it daily?


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