And Surprise Makes Number Three!

Monday, March 11, 2013

    So recently we found out we are expecting number two.  I'm about 25 weeks along (we will find out for sure this Wednesday).  So how in the world did I not know that I was pregnant again (especially after having two kids)?  Well it's a long story, but since I was breastfeeding my son, I never had a period, and was told that it could take up to six months for it to return after I stopped.  So not getting my period was normal, and expected.  I did get sick for a few weeks in November (but I was sick also lol).  And I have really had any of my normal pregnancy symptoms.  No cravings, no heartburn, and I didn't gain really any weight.  So I nothing was out of the ordinary.  Until I felt what I thought was gas bubbles in my tummy (I soon realized they were in fact not!).  So we took a pregnancy test, and long behold, we have number three on the way!

    Last week we had our first doctors appointment, and when I told the nurse the situation, she didn't seem surprised.  So it comforts me to know that I'm not just some dummy this has happened to!  While the doctors visit went fairly quick, I also had to go get an ultrasound, and do blood tests, and another urine test at the hospital.  The ultrasound showed that everything looked good, about how far along I was, and that we are expecting a girl!  And for the first time I cried when I found out the sex (because with the first two it didn't really matter).  But this time I've been hoping and praying that it would be another little girl.  Because I miss the days of beautiful dresses, and not getting peed on every time I changed a diaper.  Not that I don't love my son, but I just love him so much I think I could only have enough boy love for just him lol.  Besides my body couldn't handle another boy, as much as he pulls my hair, and hits me in the head with hard objects, he is more than enough!
    While she was a huge surprise, baby number three will be loved just as much as one and two!  The truth is while none of my kids were planned, I've never thought of them as mistakes.  Each one was a beautiful surprise, that I couldn't imagine living my life without!  And while me and Chris are still getting used to the idea (although we are excited), I know Audrey and Banner will love having a little sister around, just as much as they love each other!  How did you find out you were pregnant?  Were any of your babies a surprise?  I'd love to hear your baby stories!


  1. Wow congrats! We have girl-boy-girl here too :)

  2. Congratulations. You are so very blessed.

  3. Thank you so much! Yes we are definitely very blessed :)


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