Trading Bottles for Sippy Cups

Friday, September 21, 2012

         Banner will be 8 months old soon.  And before I know it, I’ll be trading bottles for sippy cups, diapers for pull-ups, and pureed baby food for solids.  Time has gone by so fast; hell I still can’t believe that my daughter is 4 years old!  And as they grow older and older, they keep getting smarter, and stronger!
          Audrey just learn to say all her ABC’s 2 weeks ago, and she can already recognize them, and tell you what letter things start with.  Banner has been army crawling around for months, and he’s just started to crawl, and pull himself up to a stand.  When moments like these happen sometimes I find myself crying.  Partly because I’m so proud, but mostly because I’m so sad that they are getting so big.  Because ever achievement, is a step closer to that day when they no longer need my help.  Or day I say, want me around. 
          So for now I try to savor the moments while I can, and cringe at what the future may bring.  Because we all know that teenagers don’t want to cuddle with their mommy, or let her kiss their booboos.  If only time could just freeze, but we all know it can’t, I just hope that the Dora stage and breastfeeding can last as long as possible.  The longer I can keep them little and innocent the better.  This world can be so cruel, and I hope that neither of them has to see that.   How do you feel about your kids growing up?


  1. CJ just turned 6 the other day! I cried when he looked in the mirror and said "I look like a man" Oh, lil boy... :'(


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