Racing To The Fireworks

Monday, May 19, 2014

    The race tracks in our town opened up last night.  So they were going to put on fireworks to celebrate the opening.  They do fireworks for 4th of July too, and everyone in our town parks along the road and sits in the grass, to watch them for free instead of paying to get into the races.  So we decided we would do the same thing for the opening so the kids could see them (and so we could all have some free entertainment!).  Audrey was with my mom, so Chris and I took Banner, and Chloe, and Misty and Leon followed us down too. 
    We finally found a good spot, and put the tailgate down and covered up with blankets (it was pretty chilly out), and waited.  A race was going on and you could hear the cars, Banner kept saying he wanted to see them, so we told him one day this summer we would bring him to see a race.  Then they started the fireworks.  They were so beautiful!  I thought for sure I would have to take Chloe inside the truck because they would scare her.  But they didn’t, she loved them so much she couldn’t take her eyes off them!  It was so great to spend time together; doing something that didn’t cost anything and even better that everyone had such a great time!  What do you and your family like to do together?


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