Hopping Down The Bunny Trail

Friday, May 16, 2014

    We had a pretty good Easter this year, and it was Chloe's first Easter too.  We went home around 11am and ate with mom.  She cooked such an amazing Easter lunch!  She made green beans with bacon and onions, honey ham, and her delicious potato casserole.  It was all so good!  Easter is my favorite holiday when it comes to the food.  I’d rather have a ham over a turkey any day! 
     After we ate, the kids got their Easter baskets which were filled with candy, and toys, and some socks.  They played and looked through everything for a while then we went outside to hunt Easter eggs.  It was such a beautiful Easter!  It’s such a nice change, because the past couple years it has been cold or raining.  After that we sat outside and watched the kids play all day.  Not real eventful, but very nice!  How was your Easter this year?


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