The Hulk Is Growing Up

Sunday, March 2, 2014

In two days my son will be two years old.  I’m so proud of the little boy that he’s become.  Yet at the same time I’m so sad to see him grow up so fast.  He’s gotten to the point where it’s hard to get him to give me kisses and cuddle, because he thinks he’s too big.  It really breaks my heart.  Most days he tries my patience, he’s definitely a boy with all his rough and tough playing (that usually drives his sisters crazy).  But he can also be so kind.  Sometimes when Chloe is crying he’ll say “mom sissy cryin’”.  Then he’ll go over and offer her his paci. 

    He knows apple starts with a.  He can count to 3, and is almost potty trained (but he keeps sliding).  He loves wearing his cowboy boots all the time, even to bed.  His hair is shaggy, and almost always tangled in the back, no matter how many times I brush it.  He loves playing with his and my hair when he’s tired, and won’t go to sleep without his paci.  He says please and thank you, tells you goodnight, and I love you.  Sometimes he’ll even pick up his toys after only telling him once.  He’ll eat about anything (or at least try it).  But he loves carrots, Salisbury steaks (you know the cheap kind that come frozen in the box lol), and macaroni and cheese, bread (he will take it out of the loaf and just eat it plain lol), and any kind of cheese.

    With all that being said please let me say I’m not trying to brag or make anyone feel bad if your child can’t do some of that.  Because we all know that children learn at different levels, and different times.  Trust me Banner has plenty of bad moments.  Like for example, I can’t keep him out of the A&D ointment or lotions.  He will get a hold of them and rub it all over himself.  He loves spray bottles (we have ones with dish soap and water in them for easy clean up), he will get them and spray everything.  I’m trying to get him to just take his paci when he sleeps, but it is incredibly hard.   He hardly ever listens!  Most of the time, I have to make him clean up his messes, because he won’t.  Or if I tell him to go use the potty he throws a huge fit, like sitting on the potty is going to kill him.  He throws fits and bits, pinches, and smacks his sisters, and really anyone.  He keeps getting in trouble for it, but nothing helps.  I’ve tried talking to him, giving him time out, smacking his hands, giving him a spanking, and biting him back but nothing works.  He’s really bad about getting into stuff he shouldn’t like purses, drawers, and stuff out of bedrooms.  But over all I’d say he’s just a normal little 2 year old boy, and I’m so happy he’s mine!  Happy 2nd birthday Banner!!  I love you little man!   What are the ages of your kids?


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