Want My Two Cents?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

    I know all you new moms, and moms-to-be have probably heard so much advice that it isn't funny!  Heck you even have strangers coming up to you telling you how to raise your baby!  So how can I not give you my 2 cents, as a seasoned mom of two years (yeah I'm being sarcastic, I'm no where near seasoned!), here is my two pieces of important advice:

1.  Your going to be fat.  I'm sorry, but as your girlfriend I should be the first to tell you.  So if you think after you get rid of your 8lb baby, that your magically going to loose the other 80 that you put on during pregnancy, well then your kidding yourself.  So you it's better you just come to terms with it now, that away your not super upset about it when the baby comes (but who am I kidding you'll be upset about it anyway, to us it doesn't matter that we just had kids, we still want to be pretty.)  And to all you mamas that look great after you have your kids, screw off, I'm sorry but seriously don't be leaving your comments about how great you looked, we don't want to read that.  I'm happy for ya, just don't rub it in.  I mean my daughters two, and I still have her baby weight (although after 1 year it's my weight now lol).
2.  Forget the burp clothes, get small blankets, and those Gerber cloth diaper things!  I've never seen a baby ever get their spit up right on those small burp clothes!  Receiving blankets, and cloth diapers work much better!  Because the receiving blankets are bigger, they can catch it where ever it goes, and the cloth diapers soak up a lot more than regular burp clothes can.  But don't be deceived though because at some point you will get spit up on, I'm sorry it's just nature.
    So those are my 2 cents, I hope you enjoyed reading, and the changes I'm making to my writing!  I love being more straight forward and hope you do too, and if so please let me know and leave me a comment.


  1. Yep, on with ya on all of that! My daughter is 2, and I had a 2nd pregnancy as well. I'm carrying all kinds of extra weight! It seems like it starts to "melt away" immediately after the baby is born, but then things come to a stand still and that's it. Fat forever. Ugh! I agree with the burp cloths being useless, too. Actually, I even thing that most purchased nursing blankets are too small - my Mom sewed me a TON of nursing blankets that were nice and big. Perfect for swaddling, AND cleaning up messes! I went through several a day, and they were great.

    Happy Friday! :)

    Born 2 Be Mom

  2. ....Eek! I'm sorry about the typos. It's the end of a long week ;)

  3. No worries, if it wasn't for spell check I'd be swimming in a black hole of typos! :) And I know what you mean with the weight melting away at first, it seems like 40lbs just came off, within 6 months. But after that it became harder, and now that I'm down to the last 20lbs, it's almost impossible to get off! And I'll have to remember to sew some together next time, because the receiving blankets, are kinda small also, but at least their not a 6x12 peace of cloth LOL :) I mean seriously who's baby do those honestly only spits up on that tiny piece of cloth? Thanks so much for the comment Born 2 Be Mom, and I'm glad you enjoyed the post :)

  4. Ugg I know what you guys mean, but mine is 4!!! and I finally have gotten to the just getting preggers weight... BUT I CANT GET RID OF THE BABY FLAB! :( lol...
    as for the burp cloth... I never used those.. i used the nursing blankets...or just a bathroom hand towel... and whatever i was wearing...cuz... obviously my son has to be difficult and not urf on anything he's suppose to urf on!


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