How To Stay Trendy As A Mom

Thursday, November 18, 2010

    Being a mom, I know how hard it is to keep up with the latest trends!  And it's even harder to look trendy everyday!  I mean I'm glad if I get enough time to put on makeup, and shower daily, let alone look trendy!  So here are some tips, on how to fit being trendy, into your day to day style! 

1)  Tops, and jeans!  I love pairing, a nice, dressy shirt, with a nice pair of jeans!  It looks super cute, and a lot better than your just slept in t-shirt, that you probably wear daily (at least if your anything like me lol).  You can find tons of cute, cheap shirts at discount stores, goodwill's, etc... (that away you won't care if your two year old accidentally gets finger paint on it).
2)  Boots, and jeans.  Invest in a nice pair of boots!  They look great with everything!  I especially love wearing them with a comfy pair of jeans, and even if you just throw on a t-shirt, you outfit, will look trendy, and well put together!
3)  Hair....instead of just throwing up you hair into a ponytail, do something different.  Style, cut, color, or just leave it down.  It doesn't really matter, but trust me, anything looks better than that ponytail!  But don't feel bad, because i catch myself in them daily!  Or even a super cute headband, would look great! :)
4)  Flats....get some flats in all colors!  They look super cute with all outfits, and if you get some fun colors, and patterns, they'll look super trendy!  And the best part is if you wear some bright colored flats, jeans, and a white t-shirt, you'll look great!
5)  Jewelry is a great way to look trendy, without really ever trying!  I love layering short necklaces with longer ones.  Or layering bracelets!  It's a great way, to look great, without doing a lot of work!
6)  Purses!  I love purses!  Their a great way to look trendy, and their super cute!  I have so many bags, it isn't funny, in all shapes, sizes and colors!  Their a fast and easy way to add a little flair to your outfit!
7)  Vintage....I love all things vintage!  Broaches,  headbands, jewelry, bags, name it I love it!  It's always great to add something with some history, to your collection.  The great thing about vintage pieces, is that you often don't have to worry about the rest of your outfit, because that piece alone, is interesting enough to everyone else!
8)  Dresses are another way to look stylish without trying.  Now I know as a mom, sometimes you think it's unrealistic to wear a dress, but your wrong!  Pair it with some legging, and a pair of flats, and you have a super cute, super realistic outfit!
9)  Add your own flair to some of your pieces!  Those jeans you love, but have been torn so many times, you look homeless in them, patch them up with some cute material that's on sale.  That cute, very comfortable shirt your kid spilled ketchup on, embroidery something on it.  Adding your own flair to your style, is what being trendy is all about!
10)  Confidence....I know your thinking..that isn't something I can go get.  Well your right, you have to find it in yourself.  Your not going to feel trendy, or stylish, and others won't think you are....unless you have the confidence first.  Remember, you have to love yourself first, in order for others to also...the same goes for being trendy...act like your wearing something awesome, and others will think you are too!
    Those are my tips for staying trendy as a mom.  I know that you'll probably try everyday, but I promise when you do, it'll make you feel a million times better.  Knowing that you took the extra step to look nice even if it's just for you and your kids!  Hope you enjoy! :)

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