Bringing Comfort And Joy To Others This Holiday Season!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

    Comfort and joy are the most important things this holiday season (at least to my family).  To us that's what Christmas is all about!  So I want to share a story about how my fiance Chris, comforted me last spring.  This is a painful story for me to tell but, it's a good example of how you can really touch someone's life, in their time of need.  My father passed away last spring, as many of you already know.  But what you don't know is the whole story.  Me and Chris were only dating then.  So anyway here it goes... 

    I can still remember it so clearly, me and my mother were sitting out on her porch swing when the call came was my brother (who I hadn't spoken to in awhile), and I could tell in his voice something was wrong.  When I asked him what, he told me that dad had died.  At first I thought that he was just playing a joke, and I kept saying, no your just kidding.  Then he said, no Rebecca I'm not!  Pain shot through me like a gun shot, I couldn't believe what I was hearing!  I just dropped to the floor in terror!  No, it can't be true, I just receive a letter from him yesterday.  But after hours of talking I found out exactly what had happened.  So after I got off the phone with my brother, I emailed Chris and told him what had happened.
    Chris who was in the hospital at the time, with some health issues, made sure to email me back right away.  Making sure everything was fine, and that even though he couldn't physically be there for me, that he would be as soon as he got well.  After I got back from Florida, Chris was feeling well again, and came to my house, to talk about what had happened.  He brought ice cream (my favorite, and because he knows I hate flowers) and some tissues.  We sat outside and talked for hours, well I talked, he just listened the whole time!  After he left, I felt so much better.  I was so great to know that I had someone there for me, and that even though it didn't make all the pain go away.  He was there, to comfort me!  I couldn't believe that he cared so much, and it really touched my heart!  And now that we're engaged, nothings changed, he's still always there for me, just like I am for him!
    I know my story is a bit extreme, but it shows, how great, some ice cream, tissues, and a ear is to someone who really needs it!  There are so many great ways to spread joy and comfort this holiday season, here are a few examples:
1) Bake some cookies, and put them in your mailbox, this holiday season!  For that wonderful mailman that brings you, your mail everyday!
2)  Donate some new toys to your local homeless shelter, or Toys for Tots.
3)  Offer to help a mom out (with gifts, or food) that's struggling this Christmas!
These are just a couple ways to spread comfort and joy this holiday season!  And remember, that just because others don't ask, doesn't mean that they don't need you!

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