Too Many Cooks by: Emily Franklin *Review*

Sunday, October 3, 2010

    Do your kids refuse to eat some of the things you make because "it sounds weird"?  Do you try to get your kids to eat more wholesome foods, but fail?  Well, then we're in the same boat!  At least until I read Too Many Cooks.  I have truly enjoyed reading this book, and am in the process of using her Chicken Nuget Flow Chart to get my daughter off chicken nuggets (which I hop I never have to look at again), and on to better things (we're actually on the Lemon Panko Chicken)!
    Emily Franklin's food memoir Too Many Cooks was born of two simple loves: food, and children.  A foodie and former chef, Franklin wants to pass on her love of good cooking to her kids to get them not only to enjoy what they're eating but to know what they're eating.  As Franklin chronicles her family's year around the kitchen table, season by season, she share more than 100 original recipes.  From kid-friendly comfort food like Mummy Nuggets, to the more adventurous Saffron Fish Chowder, to food made on the fly, like Orange-Oatey I-Don't-Know Cookies, each recipe follows a charming or bittersweet or laugh-out-loud anecodote that captures the chaos of cooking for four kids.  Too Many Cooks is a happy mix of recipes, memories, and good storytelling.
    Overall, I really enjoyed Too Many Cooks by: Emily Franklin.  This book is full of great recipes, hints, tips, and laughter.  I would recommend Too Many Cooks to any woman with kids, or that loves to cook.  Too Many Cooks by: Emily Franklin retails for $23.99.  Check out what others think of the book at The Bloggers Book Club!

"I received a copy of this book as a member of The Bloggers' Book Club from the author, Emily Franklin."


  1. Hi there! Just found your pretty blog through the Canadian group on Pitch It To Me, and I am your newest follower!

    It's always nice to meet a fellow Canadian!

    Kate @ This Mom Loves

  2. i'm impressed. and really hope that the chicken nugget to real food chart works for my guy. of course, i rarely can get him to eat anything other than mac n cheese so we've got some work to do over here...


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