Movie Noodle: Horror Movie Package *Review*

Sunday, October 10, 2010

    Movie Noodle is one of the greatest things I've found!  This great for a date or for a movie night!  I got the Horror Movie package , with Halloween candy, theater candy, a coke, three packages of popcorn, a popcorn tub, basket, and the movie Sleepy Hallow (you get to choose the movie).  They have all kinds of different movie packages, and you get to choose the movie you want with it!
    The Horror Movie Package with DVD includes:  1 new DVD (you pick the movie), 3 microwavable bags of popcorn, 1 movie theater popcorn tub, 1 16oz. Coke/Sprite, movie theater size Raisinets, movie theater size Whoppers, movie theater size Peanut M&Ms, Halloween gum, Horror Bone Lollipop, plastic fang candy, miscellaneous Horror candy, and a movie ticket from you!  Here's a little bit about Movie Noodle from their website:   MovieNoodle is a family owned & operated business.  It was started by public educators who wanted to offer a fun & safe movie theater package that parents could send to their kids off in college. MovieNoodle offers you the perfect opportunity to send a unique gift to the movie lover in your life - including all the 'perks' of a night at the theater (including a new DVD).  MovieNoodle has grown to offer packages for all kinds of people as they aim to satisfy a wide variety of customers. Please email with any questions and browse our current packages available.    We will continue to update our movie packages & DVD list throughout the year.
    Overall we really enjoyed the Horror Movie Package!  This is great for you and hubby to do on Halloween, after the kids are in bed.  Or even great to do together as a family!  I would recommend Movie Noodle to anyone!  Movie Noodle, Horror Package retails for $33.95

I received the Movie Noodle Horror Movie Package free of charge, so I could do this review.  No other compensation was given.  All thoughts and opinions expressed above are mine and mine alone!


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