Guest Post By Chris Tolle (Rebecca's Fiance)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Whats Crackin all ya momma blogger's ya all went by and checked out this blatter blaster lol..No just to tell ya all Rebecca is a really great fiance and a wonderful mom she works really hard on this blog i barely ever get to spend time with her...Sometimes i just wish the darn computer would blow up but i guess that's just a wish lol..Good luck too everyone in the giveaways im out!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. LMAO This is so hilarious i just about wet my pants!!!!

  2. Too husband feels the same way about my laptop & my Blackberry!! lol

  3. LOL tell him we value his opinion but blogging is additively fun! And winning stuff is AWESOME! So tell him thanks for sparing you and letting us have you in the blogosphere!


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