The Birthday Event

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

    Yes the birthday event will be ending tonight.  But there will be some birthday event giveaways that will be going on in September!  And some that I will be posting in a few moments! :)  But first I want to say welcome to all the new followers that have joined since the birthday event!  We're so glad to have you! :)  Just because the birthday event is ending doesn't mean the fun is...oh no...I have tons in store for you ladies this year!  As many of you know this event was my first, and because of the great out come I've decided to do some more!  So here they are:  We will be doing a Halloween event with three other blogs, Nicole at, Leann at and Amy at  If you haven't already checked out these wonderful ladies blogs, I definitely recommend that you do!  They are wonderful women, with great blogs!  The Halloween event will run from the 1st of October to the 10th.  There will be recipes, crafts, reviews, and some great giveaways!  I will also be doing a Christmas event/gift guide with some other bloggers as well which will run from the 1st of November to the 30th.  I will be telling you more about both as the times get closer!  I've also got a ton of catching up to do which means, some great giveaways and reviews, and awesome personal posts, until both of those great events! :)  So without further adieu, here are some great guest posts, and some more reviews and awesome giveaways!  And be sure to get in your last entries in the contests ending tonight! :)


  1. The Birthday event was AWESOME! So glad I found your blog and excited for the giveaways I have won. I appreciate the time you took to host the giveaways and all the posting. Thanks! Your site is wonderful~


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