Ahh The Weekend!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I know most of us love the weekend! You don't have to work, and you can pretty much do whatever you want!  But when you have kids, on the weekends you get to hear screaming, and yelling, and most of the time thats fine.  Your glad everyone's home, and spending time together.  But today, I get to have an Ahh day.  Audrey's gone, and going to stay the night with her grandma, Chris is upstairs sleeping (having his own Ahh day lol), and I am sitting here doing what I love! It's super hot outside, but with all the fans blowing on me, I can't even tell!

I love the days like this.  Even though I get them rarely!  They help to bring things into prospective.  On these days I'm not someones mom, or fiance.  I'm me!  I do the things that I love, that I normally wouldn't have time to do!  I sit down with a great book and read, I take naps whenever I want to, I watch old episodes of Sex and The City!  I just do whatever I feel like, and then when the whole family is brought back together, I feel more alive.  I feel ready to take things on, because I got my time alone.  It's always nice to have that, even if it doesn't happen very often!  I hope that all of you also are having an Ahh day, or will be soon.  Cause I know that you all deserve it!


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