Monday, March 8, 2010 is a great site to get free gift cards for free. When you register for them, they will send you emails to earn points. All you have to do to get free points is click on the get points button at the bottom of the email and wait for the website to load then just exit off it when it's done. And they'll credit 5 points to your account! They will also send you survey's sometimes, the survey's can be any where from 50 to 75 points if you qualify. But don't worry if you don't qualify you'll still earn 10 points. I currently have 3,330 points and am working to getting a pre-paid visa card, whick is about 4,400. I have never bought anything off their website or paid for anything from them at all. All I did was the emails. It may take sometime to get a whole bunch of points together, but it doesn't take no time at all to click on the emails. I usually just let the page load while I'm doing something else and like I said when it's done I exit. I hope you enjoy the site!


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