Easter Egg Hunt

Monday, May 5, 2014

   Every year my county does a big Easter egg hunt at the Wilson’s Children’s Home for everyone in the county.  They have different age groups, and tons of great prizes.  One of the things I love about it is, that instead of candy in the eggs, they are empty.  So when the kids are done collecting the eggs, they dump into boxes and each kid gets a little bag of candy (this year they was shaped like carrots, Banner is holding one above).  Then they draw the names from that age group to see who won the prizes.  
   We’ve been once before with Audrey before we had Banner and Chloe.  She had such a great time, and she won a prize, so we decided to take all the kids this year.  Banner didn’t win a prize but Audrey did again!!  She won a baby doll stroller with a baby doll, and a six pack of sugar free pop.  Chloe didn’t get to participate because she can’t yet walk on her own.   But everyone had a great time.  The kids got to stand in line to see the Easter Bunny and we took their pictures.  Banner was excited to see him, until he actually got up there, then he decided he actually didn’t want to see the Easter Bunny nor sit on his lap, or stand beside him, and let mommy take his picture.  I think he was pretty shocked by big the Easter Bunny really was.  I think he was expecting an actual bunny lol!  Chloe and Audrey did sit on his lap though, and neither cried! 

    While it does take forever for them to draw names to see who won prizes out of each age group (there was 2,400 kids that registered this year!), it was well worth it to us.  It was all free and the kids had a blast, and it was great spending time together as a family doing something fun!  So did your community have any Easter activities your family participated this year?   If so I’d love to hear about them!


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