The Luck Of The Ummm......Bunny?

Monday, April 1, 2013

First I want to start of by saying happy late Easter!  I hope everyone had a really good Easter!  Audrey had a pretty good day, even though she was still recovering from a stomach virus, but Banner on the other hand had a horrible day!  Which is awful being his first Easter and all, I really had hoped it would go smoothly.  But in our family I should've known better! 

     Everything was going good until around 2.  We had eaten our ham, both little bellies were full.  They had all the toys the Easter bunny brought all drug out and playing "nicely" (other than the fact that my son was dying for my daughters new necklace).  So I went to use the restroom.  Thinking everything would be fine for five minutes, with their great grandma keeping an eye on them.  Then just as I finished I heard it.  It was the worst scream I've heard leave my sons mouth, followed by a "Rebecca, hurry".  So I ran to the living room to see my son screaming at the top of his lungs, face red as could be, reaching out for me.  Great grandma told me she thought he hurt his mouth on the door.
    I then ran to our bedroom looking inside his mouth to see if I could see any blood or any signs of pain.  And then I seen it, the cause of all the screaming and crying.  My son had a big fat lip!  And instantly I knew what happened.  See after great grandma cooked, she thought it was hot, so she opened the screen door, and a wasp came flying into our wonderful ham smelling house.  So when Banner went over to the door to play the little sucker stung him right on his upper lip.  So mommy calmed little man down, killed the wasp, and put some medicine on his lip.  After about 5 mins all was good in the world of Banner.  He was back to his rotten self, biting, pulling hair, climbing on furniture. 
     Then about 2 hours went by, and I heard another sound of screaming coming from the living room.  So I ran in there to see what in the world was going on with my rotten children now (ok I really don't run anymore I walk because their always screaming about something!).  And there was poor Banner sitting there red face, tears running down his checks again!  When I asked what had happened, I was told him and Audrey were playing and chasing each other when Banner slid on a book, and fell face first on the the carpet.  Poor little guy, that would hurt on a normal day, but with a fat lip, you know it was painful!  So mommy proceeded to make everything all better, and then I declared it nap time for the little bear. 
      So Easter was very unkind to poor little Banner then on top of it all he had to get a bath, because he was so sticky from a sucker he had eaten earlier.  And honestly I think he hated that most of all.  I've never heard a kid scream and cry so loud in all my life just because he has to get a bath.  But after it was all done and over with and he was dry and in his pajamas smelling like a little baby should.  Well only then was everything good in the world of Banner.  Hopefully next Easter will be much kinder to the little man!  How was your Easter?


  1. Happy Belated Easter! We had a quiet Easter - Cj spent half of it at his daddys and the other half at my house...


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