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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

*This post contains adult content, please don't read if you are under the age of 18*
    When you think of EdenFantasys, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn't pregnancy items.  But they do indeed have a few items that are great for just that!  A couple great examples would be their Blooming Belly Balm, which helps soothe skin, and helps lessen stretch marks, on a "blooming belly".  Or their Breast Balm, which is wonderful for preventing stretch marks, and helps lock in moisture, and keep skin soft!  Those are just a few great items that they have available that are great for expectant moms!  Some more examples are below.
    As we all know with pregnancy comes lots of hormones, and with those hormones comes changes in sexual desires.   Sometimes, you are more sexual aroused, and sometimes less, and they same can go for our partners (as some men are afraid they will hurt the baby, or are just turned off by all our vomiting, hey can you blame them if they are LOL?).  So if your one of the women that are more sexual aroused during pregnancy, then we all know that of course EdenFantasys has tons of great stuff for you!  Weather your looking for vibrators, or lubricants, they have something I'm sure you'll love to try!
    Another thing that comes with pregnancy is soreness.  I mean sore everywhere (especially during those last few months), so what better than to have your partner give you a romantic massage, or maybe you can even take turns giving massages.  Well then your in luck because EdenFantasys also has some amazing products to give you a romantic atmosphere, for those sensual massages!  I love their lotion, and oil selection (especially the warming ones, their great for backaches!).  And their candles are perfect for setting the mood.  Or you can just get one of their massage kits, that has everything you need!  What a great idea to keep the romance going while expecting, especially if your not in the mood sexually!
    After having the baby we all know that are bodies aren't going to look the same, and it can be hard to except the new image of yourself.  Which in turn, can lead to problems sexually with your partner (I'm come on it's hard to be in the mood, when you can't stand the way you look!).  But EdenFantasys carries some amazing lingerie that could be the solution you are looking for!  Three years after having my daughter, and I still don't like the way my body looks, so I always wear corsets, or something that will cover my stomach (as I hate the stretch marks I have there!).  But whatever area you are uncomfortable about, I'm sure they carry the perfect lingerie that will cover it, and make you feel beautiful again (even though you still are).  So those are just a few great ideas of stuff to get when your pregnant, or a new mom, from EdenFantasys!  I hope you have just as much for shopping there as me and Chris do! ;)

 I will receive a EdenFantasys gift card for this post.  No other compensation will be given.  All opinions expressed above are mine and mine alone!


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