Where Did Bzzing Mom Go?

Monday, June 6, 2011

    I first want to start out with how sorry that I am that I have been absent.  And I know my absence wasn't just a two or three week absence, it was more of several months.  But I just want to explain myself, in hopes that you understand where I'm coming from.  When I first started blogging, it was something I did for fun, I loved being able type whatever I wanted and whatever I felt, and know that people felt the same way.  I was an amazing way to connect with other women, and moms and I've made some fantastic friends along the way.  But some where along the way, I began to see it as a chore, something I had to do.  I just had to get this post up, or right this review, or finish this giveaway.  And as most chores do I began to feel as if there was better things in my life I could be doing such as spending time with my family.
    So I have decided that I will begin blogging again, which means more of Bzzing Mom, more giveaways, more stories, and well everything that makes this blog so fantastic!  I will not be blogging everyday like I was before, but the several times a week that I do, will be filled with great stuff!  I hate seeing this wonderful thing I created just sit here and rust, and I hate thinking of it as a chore, so lets make it fun again! :D


  1. I have been wondering if you were ok. Good to hear you were just taking time off to be with your family. We are all still here and still your fans! I understand how you feel and have invited my mom and sister to blog with me. Perhaps if you shared your blog it would be easier to have family time and still run your site with the help of others.
    the former coupon queen bee who is now Frugal Family Tree!

  2. Welcome Back! I have missed ya! but i know where you are coming from! :D


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