Getting The Brands You Love For Less #CartBuster

Sunday, February 27, 2011

    My family loves certain name brands that just don't compare to others, but with being on a budget it's hard to always get the brands we love at the price we can afford.  So here are some of the tips that my family uses when we go grocery shopping, that away we can use the money we save towards more important things!
1.)  We honestly only shop at one store.  Unless we run out of something and need to run to the little corner store or gas station (we live in a very small town lol).  So the only store we shop at would be Kroger.  The reason is they have the best prices.  We only buy what they have on sell, and when you use coupons on top of the sell, you can sometimes get things almost free.  Also they double all your coupons that are $0.50 or less.  So why not shop at Kroger?  For my family there is no other store better with deals!
2.)  Coupons are a great way to save money, especially if you shop at a store that lets you double their coupons with the product coupons.  You can get things at a great price, especially if you double your coupons, if you find high value coupons, or if you get free coupons!  And who doesn't love to save money?  Just make sure you have all your coupons organized, and keep them in your car, so you don't forget them when you go shopping.
3.)  Rebates are another great way to get the brands you love for less or sometimes even free.  So look for rebates online and then when you go to the store, if you spend so much money on your favorite brands, save your receipts send them in with the rebate and wait for your check.  Weather you get all your money back or just some of it, you just saved money buying the brands you and your family loves!
    These are just a few of my tips on saving money on the brands you and your family loves.  That away they do fit your budget!  And you can use the money you save to put towards more important things like bills or your kids.  I hope you enjoyed my families tips, what are some of the tips you and your family use to save money on getting the brands you love?

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