Want to do something sexy for your man this Christmas?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

    Me and Chris love doing romantic things for each other this time of year.  Of course during those romantic evenings, I want to have some sexy lingerie ready, but after having a baby, corsets are the only thing that I feel comfortable wearing.  I love how they make me look and feel skinner, and sexier!  I also love how great they make my boobs look, and how comfortable I feel in them.  And since I feel sexier in them, Chris thinks they look sexy on me.  And they come in so many great styles!  And now they even make everyday corsets, for when your going out, and want to look extra sexy!  Their also great for pairing with a nice pair of jeans, and going out with girlfriends!  Just look at these cute styles!

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  1. Oh, Those are adorable! I haven't owned a corset in forever... but they are the cutest things.


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