Some Awesome Giveaways Going On At MI Savings Mama!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Amy has some great giveaways going on, and they all have really low entries!!  Lets show her some Bzzing Mom love, and plus you get an extra entry for everyone of her giveaways you enter!!!  How awesome is that?

Lenox Car Train giveaway, ends Nov. 17th, with 3 entries!
Joke Book giveaway, ends Nov. 16th, with 11 entries!
Rasdog Ready Leash giveaway, ends Nov. 16th, with 29 entries!
CSN $35 giveaway, ends Nov. 15th, with 32 entries!
Old El Paso Taco Night giveaway, ends Nov. 14th, with 21 entries! (ok to be honest I really don't want you to enter this one, because I want to win it bad LOL)

Just think with all those low entries, you have a great chance of winning, and not only that it gets you extra entries, for any one of my giveaways!  So be sure to stop by and check them out! :)


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