Make Sure You Stay Warm This Holiday Season!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    The holiday's are coming up...which means cooler weather!  I have some great tips on how to keep warm this season, while still looking fashionable, and feeling comfortable!
1)  Tanks, tanks, tanks!  Need I say more?  Tank tops are great for wearing under, just about anything!  They also give you that added warmth that you need.  Although, they aren't very warm, but layered under your favorite sweater, or long sleeve shirt, and you feel the difference, in the cold winter wind!  They are also very comfortable, so you won't even realize that your wearing them!  And if you get them a little long, they're a great fit with you favorite long sleeve shirt, that's a little short, or likes to ride up! 

2)  Vests!  They are so great with so many different things!  And now that they don't only have "grandma" vests available, but very cute ones as well!  I have this one vest that I love so much!  It's pink, black and white stripped, with faux fur on the top!  I love pairing it with my favorite pink long sleeve shirt for some added warmth on these fall days!
3)  Jackets.  Need I say more?  I'm kind of a jacket freak!  I have all different types of colors, and styles.  Their great for layering over a long sleeve shirt, or a T-shirt, on those warmer fall days!  I also love wearing hoodies (another form of jacket, at least I think) when it's cooler in the house, and to sleep in on those cooler nights!
4)  One of my favorite things to layer is leggings!  I love that I can layer them under my pajamas, if it's a cold night.  I can layer them under a cute skirt, or dress.  Or when it's cold outside, I can layer them under my jeans!  Leggings, are very versatile, and a great thing to have in your wardrobe!  I have at least 4 pairs, in different colors, and length's that I can think of, and hope to get more for this winter!
5)  T-shirts are one of the easiest things to layer!  You can put a tank top under them, and long sleeve shirt under them.  Jackets on top of them, and blazers on top of them too!  I have way too many t-shirts to count, because they go with just about everything, and are so comfortable!  T-shirts are definitely a must have for anyone!
6)  Long socks are another one of my favorite things to layer, because they keep your feet so warm!  I like to layer mine with other long socks, or short socks.  Or layer them under some nice warm, fuzzy boots, with your jeans tucked in to keep the snow, and cold out!  In the summer, you won't catch me dead in a pair of socks, but in the winter, you won't catch me dead without them!
7)  In the summer, I love to layer tank tops together!  Especially two one with a print, and one with a solid color!  Especially if they have one color in common!  They look very cute, and stylish, and I love pairing them with a chunky necklace!  Not to mention, very easy to put together!
8)  When I'm laying around the house in my pajamas, on cold days I love to layer!  I love layering legging with my pajama pants, sports bras, and tanks under my t-shirts, with a hoodie over it!  And then to top it all off, cuddled underneath a warm, soft blanket (or so people prefer the Snuggie)!
9)  One important key of layering is comfort, so don't layer so many things, that you can't move your arms and legs.  Just enough to stay warm, and create a new look!  So make sure you can move you arms and legs before walking out the door, and that your comfortable!
10)  I've been talking about all the different clothes you can layer, but another favorite thing for me to layer is my jewelry!  I love layering, short necklaces with longer necklaces, and several bracelets, all with one color in common.  Or no colors in common, but match my outfit!
    So those are my tips on layering your outfits through the year!  I love layering everything, not only because it keeps you warm and comfortable.  But also because of how affordable it is!  When you layer, you can turn 5 items, into 20 outfits!  Which is both great for the wallet, and the eyes!

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