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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

    It seems like everyone on your holiday shopping list wants something techy any more!  And when your not techy at all, then it can be hard to decide what the best thing to buy is.  So here is my five tips on smarter holiday tech shopping!
1)  Be sure to write down exactly what the person your buying for wants.  Because it's so easy to forget, or get names mixed up, especially when it comes to technology!  You'll also be able to look out for sales, and deals better, if you know what your getting!

2)  Check online!  Be sure to search for all the deals going on for the product your looking for.  Then when you find the best deal, search for coupons for percents off, free shipping, or anything.  You can also check for slightly used items, on craigslist, ebay, and other similar sites.  But if your buying a slightly used item, make sure it's from a trusted seller, you can see if the item works, and/or you can meet the seller in person.
3)  When in doubt ask an expert.  Most stores have people in the tech department, that can help you.  Or if your shopping online, a lot of sites, and a consumer support line that you can call for help.  So if you have any questions or concerns about what your buying, you can ask an expert and getting all your questions answered!  Most of the time, not only will they help you and explain, but they will also let you preview the item you want to buy, just to make sure you like it.
4)  Make sure your not pressured for time.  Because your more likely to make rash decisions, and spend more money, and get the wrong thing.  So when you go tech shopping make sure you have plenty of time to find the right product, and the best price.  And remember, the cheapest, isn't always the best either, so take your time, and explore all of your possibilities. 
5)  Go alone.  Make sure you don't have to worry about your kids rushing, or running around the store.  You'll feel a lot more clam, relaxed and be able to think more clearly.  Besides who wants to worry about their kids breaking something, or hearing mommy I want that, when your already there, shopping for someone else.
    Those are my tips for tech shopping this holiday season!  I hope it helps you as much as it's helped me, and good luck with all your tech shopping!

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