Our Ultimate Family Vacation!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

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    I know it's almost Halloween, but what can I say, I'm already thinking about where to go for vacation during the summer!  While we can't afford to go on our ultimate vacation right now, I thought I would tell you all about what our ultimate vacation includes.  Our ultimate vacation, isn't located in the United States, oh no, for our ultimate vacation, we want to go to Ireland!  That has been my dream for years (since both me and Chris have tons of Irish in our blood line), and I have always wanted to take my children there, as it's were most of our heritage comes from.
    I've always loved all the history, and traditions that come from Ireland!  And all the beautiful landscapes.  I actually would love to go there on my honeymoon also, but I definitely want to take Audrey there as well.  We want to wait until she's old enough to remember, and know what's going on, so until then I have time to plan our ultimate vacation!  I love all the dancing, art, and poetry they have, and just want to enjoy the land, and culture!
    So our ultimate family vacation would be to go to Ireland, and relax.  I would take tons of pictures of Chris, Audrey, and me having a great time.  I would also take beautiful pictures of the land.  We would also go dancing, and to other things the locals go to have fun.   Our ultimate vacation, isn't about big or fancy, but more simple and showing our kids where their ancestors came from.  While also immersing ourselves in the traditions and culture that made us who we are!

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