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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

    I'm sure many of you have glanced over the Christmas Event/Gift Guide tab, a couple times the past couple weeks.  Well I just want to remind you that it will be starting very soon!  But before I give you more information, I just want to add, that I will use the word Christmas a lot during this event.  Now if you don't celebrate Christmas, that's fine, these giveaways, and products still make great gifts, for holiday celebrations!  And if you don't celebrate, anything this time of year (I have a couple of friends that don't either), then that's great too!  But you should still enter to win some of the awesome giveaways going on :D  So I'm going to recap real quick....I do celebrate Christmas, so I will be using that word a lot...but if don't, that's great, these products will make great gifts for celebration!  I just want to make sure I don't offend anyone :)  Ok so here is a quick sampling of what we'll have going on! 

    There will be 7 blogs participating (including Bzzing Mom), so there will be tons of great giveaways to enter, awesome reviews to read, and even some crafts, recipes, and more!  Here is a sampling of what you can expect here on Bzzing Mom:
Nancy Drew games
Some Etsy shops (they'll be a surprise)
Tons of books
Some Wii games
Toys....and so much more!  I don't want to giveaway all the surprises by just telling you :)  But if you really want to know, just hop on over to the Christmas Event/Gift Guide page, and you'll get to see more of the companies participating!  This week I will also be putting a linky up on that page, so you'll get to see all the great giveaways going on, on all the other blogs in just one click!  I will also be offering tons of ways to enter (as always), which means more chances to win!!!  Here is a list of the participating blogs:
This Mama Loves Her Bargins
Living On Love And Cents
Reviews From The Nuthouse
A Little Of This And A Little Of That
Coupons Are Great
The Thrifty Things
So be sure to check them!  I look forward to seeing you at the event! :D  And make sure you have tons of fun!  Good luck!


  1. I am new follower. Cant wait for this event!

  2. I am SUPER excited for this event! I am also getting close to my bday event for my little guy!

  3. If possible, I'd like to get in on this also.

  4. New follower excited for this event. Merry Christmas abit early.

  5. Woohoo! Getting so excited! :)


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