Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill and Trail of The Twister *Review*

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

    I usually don't play a lot of computer games, but I love Nancy Drew games!  Ever since I played one for the first time three year ago--I've been hooked!  I love how they give me a challenge, and let me exercise my brain!  So when I got the chance to try two Nancy Drew games I was super excited!  I love the Secrets Can Kill game, although it was less of a challenge (I beat it in one day), I did enjoy the surprise ending!  The Trail of the Twister, I've liked a lot!  I love the challenge it's giving me!  I still haven't beat it yet, but I really enjoy it so far!
    Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill!  Read between the lines to catch a killer!  Death, danger, and deception weren't on the curriculum at a Florida high school, but when Jake Rogers is murdered to protect a lie, everything changes.  With the town in fear and the students in shock, you, as Nancy Drw, are the only one who can uncover the truth.  Delve into a deadly mystery and before the murderer strikes again!  With some great 80th anniversary remastered features!  Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister, unfavel twisted trouble in tornado alley!  Chasing tornadoes is dangerous research, but the Canute College storm traking team weathered more than a little bad luck.  Wrecked cars, broken legs and faulty scientific instruments leave some wondering if the $100,000,000 contest is more than a school rivalry.  That's why you're going undercover and driving headlong into the deadliest weather in Oklahoma!  Chose tornadoes, win big on fun arcade games, learn about weather patterns, erase mistakes, and play at your own pace!
    Overall I loved both Nancy Drew games!  They were so much fun, and I love the challenge they give me.  These are great games for anyone, at any age!  I would recommend both games to anyone!

"This post was written for Family Review Network & HERinteractive who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review"


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