What We Have by: Amy Boesky *Review*

Saturday, August 28, 2010

    This book is so beautiful!  I just couldn't put it down!  Breast cancer runs in my family, so I could relate to some of what the characters were going through.  This is one of the most beautiful memoir's I've ever read!  What We Have is a fantastic story about love, loss, and survival!
    At thirty-two, Amy Boesky thought she had it all figured out: a wonderful new man in her life, great job, and the (nearly) perfect home.  For once, she was almost able to shake the terrible fear that had gripped her for as long as could remember.  All of the women in her family had died before the age of forty-five---from cancer---and she and her sisters had grown up in time's shadow.  Urgency colored every choice they made and was amplified now that each of them approached thirty-five---the deadline their doctors prescribed for having preventive surgery with the hope that they could thwart their family's medical curse.  But Amy didn't want to dwell on fear now; she wanted to spend time with her husband, plan for a new baby, live her life.  And that's just what she did.  In a way that only someone who is so acutely aware of passing time can, she chose to put her anxieties aside and relish life's simples pleasures.  In What We Have, Amy shares a deeply transformative year in her family's life and invites readers to join in their joy, laughter, and grief.  Unparalleled in its optimism and wisdom, What We Have celebrates the promise of a full life, even in the face of uncertainty.
    Overall I truly enjoyed reading What We Have by: Amy Boesky!  This book is truly amazing.  This is a great birthday gift of any woman, especially those that love to read.  What We Have by: Amy Boesky retails for $26.00.

I received What We Have by: Amy Boesky free of charge, so I could do this review.  No other compensation was given.  All thoughts and opinions expressed above are mine and mine alone.


  1. Sounds like a good read...thanks for the review.


  2. Must be a good book to read. Great review

  3. Great Review..sounds like a must read!

  4. Sounds like one I should put on my to read list. My mom lost her battle with breast cancer at the tender age of 52.


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