Hello Kitty Themed Birthday Party

Sunday, August 29, 2010

    As you all probably already know Audrey's 1st birthday was Hello Kitty themed.  I did several things that were very cheap and easy to do.  As you know from my preveious post I made Audrey's birthday cakes myself, which was a lot easier than I thought it would be!  The day before her birthday party (after she was already in bed), I did the cakes.  I made three, but they turned into two (because I layered two of them).  I made a rectangluar sheet cake, and two square cakes.  The square cakes I carved in the shape of Hello Kitty's head.  To carved the cake in the shape of her head, you need to either have a great eye or do the following:  print out a picture of Hello Kitty from your computer (make sure it's the size you want your cake to be), cut around her head (yes cut off the wiskers).  Place the cutout on the square cake you baked and cut around it with a knife (I recommend placing the cake in the freezer for at least a couple of hours so the cake doesn't crumble when you start craving).  When your done cutting all you have to do is decorate.  I use black licorce for the wiskers, four ting hershey kisses things (I can't remember what they are called but you use them in chocolate chip cookies) for the eyes, and a yellow smarty for the nose.  See pictures from the previous post.  I did that to both of the square cakes, for the rectangular cake I just decorated it and put one of the square cakes on the side.  So now the guests have a cake and Audrey had her own cake.
    I also printed out some cute food labels.  I got a Hello Kitty picture off line and used a card making software that had business cards on it.  I just put the Hello Kitty picture in that and typed in the name of the food.  Then printed them off,  cut them out, taped them to some toothpicks, and stuck them in the food.  So people new what kind of sandwiches, chips, and etc... they were eating and could choose what they wanted.  Since Audrey was only turning one, I had only one very simple game.  I got some poster board and taped a cut-out of Hello Kitty on it (it was a pretty big cut-out) and made a bow.  Then I had the kids play pin the bow on Hello Kitty (same concept as pin the tail on the donkey).  For grab bags I got some cheap Hello Kitty stickers, and a big bag of cheap candy.  The party was a blast, and everyone had fun!  I hope you enjoyed the post, and I'm sorry there are no pictures (computer is acting weird).  That was how we made a cheap and fun Hello Kitty birthday party! :)


  1. Wow! Sounds great even for cheap..Love it! And you also gave me some great ideas on my soon to be butterfly theme party...Thanks! :D

  2. Wonderful ways to celebrate on a budget! I still need a theme for my little guys bday!


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