Hard Candy *Review*

Monday, August 23, 2010

    Ok, so if you don't already know I'll tell you, I'm very much a girl.  I don't mind getting dirty or working hard (hey being a girl doesn't mean we don't get in there and get dirty), but I love looking good doing it...LOL!  I love this make-up!  Hard Candy is well made, with a great price!  And even better they don't test on animals.  I received the Living Doll Blush Crush Baked Blush, the Scoop Mouthing off Sheer Lip Shine, and the Rebel Hot Smudge Duo Cream Eyeliner/Smudge.  I absolutely love the lip gloss!  And the blush is the perfect color for my fair skin.  I would have loved the Smudge Duo Cream Eyeliner/Smudge a lot more if it was in black (I'm not big on blue), but I still liked it a lot too!  I also like that their products have catchy names.  I'm the person that the name of a product makes my final decision to buy that product.  I'm just weird like that lol, but I especially do it with make-up and nail-polish! :)
    Overall, I love Hard Candy!  I will definitely be buying tons more of their products!  Hard Candy's products are a perfect gift, especially for any teenage girls, or your girlfriends.  Their products would also be great for slumber parties or beauty themed parties!  I would recommend any of Hard Candy's products to any woman!  You can purchase Hard Candy at Walmart.


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