1st Birthday On A Budget: Guest Post by: Budget Diet

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

by: Kristl, http://www.thebudgetdiet.com/

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Looking for a 1st Birthday Party on a Budget? Here’s the plan (for a girl)…

Poem Invitation:
(name) will soon be one,
and you’re invited to join the fun!
On (date) at the hour of three,
(address) is the place to be!
We’ll make a bonnet,
with frills upon it,
and have a tea party,
so don’t be tardy!

Print & tie the invitation to a miniature straw hat (sold in the doll section of craft stores) & hand deliver.

The guests were mostly adults and older children. As the invitation said, we made her a bonnet with frills upon it…gluing buttons, bows, curling ribbons and pom poms to the hat. At the end of the party, my daughter had a great hat to use for dress-up in the years to come.

Tea Party food was just right…finger sandwiches, petit fours for the cake, etc.

Total Cost: Less than $50 for 15 guests!

Thank you so much Kristl!  If you haven't already you should go check out Budget Diet!


  1. Cute tips! My son is turning 1 next months and we're in planning mode :)


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