Arm & Hammer Kids Spinbrush My Way! *Review*

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

    This has to be the coolest toothbrush I've ever seen!  My daughter loved picking out which stickers she liked, and putting them on the toothbrush.  As a matter-of-fact she loved this toothbrush period!  We used to have to fight to get her to brush her teeth.  Now she runs to the bathroom, and gets on her stool!  I think she loved it so much because of three main reasons 1.) She got to design/decorate it herself.  2.)She still has a lot of teeth that are coming in, the Spinbrush massages her gums, and makes them feel better.  3.) I'm letting her spit in the house (ok, the sink, but to her it's inside, so she loves it!). 
    The Arm & Hammer Kid's Spinbrush My Way!, is the first and only customizable battery toothbrush, which makes brushing fun!  Packaged with over 140 stickers, Including, pink and purple letter, princess themed, loveable animals, fun phrases, "rock star" type, whimsical rainbows, flowers, peace signs, and hearts.  The stickers are water-safe, and may be applied to the thick part of the handle. There's also a unique "gem" on/off button.  Pink bristles, and battery cap.  It's perfect for girls ages 3 to 12 (even though Audrey will be 2 in September, and I also wanted to use it...LOL!).  It also has a smaller head than Spinbrush adult brushes.  Kids brush 38% longer with a Spinbrush toothbrush, than with a manual brush.  It promotes healthy brushing, reduces plaque and massages gums.  It includes 2 replaceable AAA batteries, and retails for $6.99.
    Can you believe that!?  $6.99, I almost wet myself when I read that!  Maybe it's just me but that's damn cheap for a battery operated toothbrush!  Especially one with all that cool stuff!  Ok, so overall I love this toothbrush (I never thought I'd say that).  I recommend it if, you have a girl that is creative, and loves to personalize her stuff, have a toddler that still has teeth coming in, and/or you want them to get used to the tooth brush.  Or your like me, and your a big kid at heart (Hello Kitty T-Shirts anyone?)!

I received this product free of charge so that I could do this review!  No other compensation was given.  All thoughts and opinions expressed above, are mine and mine alone!


  1. I actually received one of these to review, as well. I really liked it. I put my name on mine with the stickers. It's fun. Hehe! ; )

  2. I agree they look cool! My daughter would love it!

  3. This sounds awesome. I think it's a small price to pay to promote good brushing habits. It's a great way to make brushing personal and fun!

  4. Thats awesome to hear. I was going to get it for my daughter but I figured she was too young. Now that I hear this I think i might run out and get her one. She went to the dentist today and did such an awesome job! This would be a good reward!

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  6. Looks great. Will try when all of my sons teeth come in :)

    Found you through Bloggy Moms :)


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