Have You Ever Had One Of Those Days?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ok so I hate to ramble on, and complain to you, but I'm going to any way! :)  The begining of the day was great, even though I couldn't get Chris up until like 5:30.  But I enjoyed the peace and quiet, cause Audrey was pretty good this morning (and he stayed up washing the dishes finally!)  But then he just makes me so angry sometimes.  UGH he left when he knew I wanted to go (he couldn't wait 5 mins for me to get dressed or even say he was sorry about something he had said!)  Then when I'm texting him, he says he sorry, and he'll see me tonight! Men drive me crazy sometimes, I never know what he really means!  Oh and it gets better while I'm posting this Audrey spilled pop all over our white couch, and the best part is it's Dr. Pepper!  Chris lost his job awhile ago, and the money problems are driving us crazy!  Without our families we would be, um, well fucked! Oh and great I just spilled popcorn everywhere, (on the bright side Audrey made me laugh, she's trying to eat it off the floor lol, she's so weird!)  And yes I made her stop!  Sometimes, I just need a break but, apparently no one feels like I deserve one!  Do any of you ever feel like taking a bath that lasts a month, with a ciggerette, bubbles, Mike's Hard Lemonade, and a really good book, candles, and great music!?  Cause I'm so there!  Any way sorry I just needed to vent!  I hope you all are having better luck in life then I am! Love ya'll


  1. I like your idea of a break! My husband is hard to read and I am always long over due for a break. I have resorted to keeping track of all the "me" time he gets versus me. It's childish and petty but it works for the times when it's been weeks since I had a moment to myself. Hang in there!

  2. I love your blog, I'm going to check it out more soon, I am a new follower:

  3. Sorry that you're having a rough time! Maybe talk to your man about your side of things?

    & yeah, i have NO idea how she manages to get any of the apartments rented out either! It's SO dang frustrating at this point. we're currently staying at my boyfriends moms, and shes great but I want my own place again.

    I didn't want to post about it on my blog to the world, but our friend, who currently lives there and wants us to be added to his lease, as his roomates, is having major financial problems - he had NO food at all and so we wound up buyig him groceries - he REALLY needs us to move in so we can start covering half the rent. He said he wants us to move in even if we don't get accepted, because the worst that can happen will be we'll all get kicked out if we get caught, but he's doing so bad financially that he almost can't pay rent, and if he can't pay rent he'll get kicked out anyway.

    Plus, his step sister lived with him of rover six months and hasn't got caught yet. She's suppose to be moving out anyday now though, because she's paid him 200 dollars total since she moved in in December! So yeah, I feel bad for him anyway. But we dont want to 'sneak' move in and then get approved in a few days - so we're hopign to get a definite yes or no, before we move in. lol.

  4. oh ps, i'm going to contact amanda and get you an update about the weekly post thing soon. sorry about that! haha


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