Alone? Me Too!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Yay, Audrey's in bed, and Chris is at his friends!  Which means quite, and unlimited bloging!  My music, and the Xbox 360, with Wanted calling my name!  Oh, and how could I forget the awesome popcorn?!  Reading, and some awesome ice coffee (review on that coming soon, and I believe a giveaway too!)  Since I'm the internet's whore most of the time, tonight I think I'll be the Xbox's whore...LOL! :)  Can you believe Wanted is the only game we have that even looks interesting to me?  Man we need some new games!  All we have a car games!  But since they think I hate the Xbox that's ok!  I'll be back later on, with a review, and giveaway for Certain Dri, and Review for I Am Hutterite, and maybe some others!  Thanks for all  you love and support! :)


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