Five Family Vacation Activities My Daughter Would Love!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I know that even though my daughter is younger, she dreams of bigger and better things!  We would love to start going on family vacation's every year, and I wanted to share with you the top 5 vacation activities she would love! Share your your 5 family vacation activities your kid would love at Twitter Moms.

Vacation Activity #1:  Audrey truly loves dressing up, and watching  those one of a kind Disney movies!  Our dream would be to make hers come true! We know she would love to go to Disney World (and to be honest we wouldn't mind it either)!  So I hope to take her before she turns 8.  She would love all the characters, and rides.  She's a little princess herself, and hope that she feel what it's like to be around all that magic!

Vacation Activity #2:  Now while Audrey is a little princess, she also is a little tomboy (how can you be both you say, I'm not sure but she pulls it off)!  Me and my fiance would also love to take her on a camping trip!  She would love swimming in a lake, helping daddy fish, eating 'smores, and so much more!  She loves animals, so I know she'd love seeing all the animals, and especially looking at the stars at night!  Besides what could be better than sleeping with mommy, and daddy, and getting to pee outside? Lol!

Vacation Activity #3:  Audrey also loves water! I mean loves (sometimes I think she's half fish)!  So we'd also love to take her to a water park!  This is mainly my pick, because I also love water (Chris, not so much, but he agreed he'd go)!  I'm not too sure what water park we'd like to take her too but, we'll have to figure that out!  Audrey loves splashing, and playing in the tub, and because we live in apartments, we don't have a pool.  So I know when we do this she'll be really excited!

Vacation Activity #4: I would love to go on a road trip!  I think Audrey would really enjoy stopping at all the different places, and seeing all the new things!  She gets so excited whenever we go somewhere she just stares out the window, and say wow!  She loves looking at different things, and I know she would enjoy this!

Vacation Activity #5:  We'd love to take her to see another country!  There would be so many great things for her to see and do!  I think it would be so much fun to do this!  I've always wanted to go to another country, and it would be perfect to do this as a family!

I know we'll have to wait until Audrey's older to do some of these, but those are some of the things that Chris, and I have talked about doing with her! Audrey is a awesome little girl, and we'd be glad to take her anywhere (given we have the money, and time of!  We love spending time together, and can't wait to take all these family vacations!

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