Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ok so we all love our babies, right? Of course we do! How can you not love babies anyway, their just too cute! Then you should check out the new film premiering Mother's Day weekend, Babies! They follow four babies from around the world and watch them grow! I am excited anything that has cute little babies is a hit in our house, my daughter even likes to see other babies faces in books and on tv! In this post is everything you will need to know about the movie, just click on whatever you want to learn more! Maybe your family will be as excited as mine! I hope you enjoy!

BzzingMom Disclosure:
I am a BzzAgent, and was asked to share my honest opinons with my readers about the movie, they are not paying me but only with a chance to win some prizes. My opinon is honest and it is my own, not that of BzzAgent or Babies!


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