My daughter---Audrey's First Birthday Cakes!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

This was the very first post that I wrote on Bzzing Mom.  I haven't gone through and edited anything.  It's exactually how I posted it back then!  This is back when I had absolutly no followers, nothing.  I'm so happy I've made it to were I am today, and it's all because of you! :)

I made two cakes for my daughters first birthday party, one for her and one for the guests!! The guests loved the cake!! I used two boxes of store bought cake mix! I used pilsbury and duncan h. but you could use any cake mix that you like! I also got strawberry and white, but again you can use any flavors that you want! For Audrey's personal cake I used one box of cake mix and it was strawberry, and the pilsbury brand but you may use any cake brand and flavor you prefer! I just used a regular cake pan for the rectanglar shape, and then a square pan for the heads! I printed a picture of hello kitty's head off the computer the size that I wanted and then cut out the picture stuck it to the square cakes and cut around her face with a knife! I bought white and strawberry whiped (my icing for the cakes and some candy to decorate them with!

HINT: It's alot easier if you put the square cakes in the freezer for about 4 hours so they won't crubble as much when you go to cut the heads out!

I figured this would save alot of moms alot of money from buying cakes for their kids birthday's...and you can do it the day before the birthday decorations and all and put something over it...that's what I did and like I said the guests loved it! And you won't even have to deal with the kids in the kitchen if you wait until they go to bed! Hope this helps!!


  1. OH wow! Way to go! That is a great idea to put in the freezer! Thanks!

  2. That is sooooo cute! My mom used to make custom home made cakes for us as kids, one year my little brother a ninja turtle cake. Its made with more love when you make it yourself. My sister did a huge volcano with lava and dinos last year for her little boy i was very impressed!
    Glad to be a fan and apart of this GREAT Beautiful Birthday event!! Hopefully I can have one as wonderful as yours in November! You will be my first invite!
    Ok that was a long comment lol sorry!


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