Rackets, Tacos, and Candy...Oh My!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

    What a day!  So after getting up early and getting everyone feed and ready to go.  Off to town we went.  First we went to a local thrift store, where my son wanted down, and tried to run all over the store screaming from excitement.  Until he found a kids tennis racket that he insisted on carrying around the store, and slamming on the floor every 5 seconds!  So after mean old mommy took the racket away, and picked his little but up, and told both kids that it was in fact time to leave, he began to scream again!  Only this time he was pissed!  So we checked out, and got everyone buckled back into the car. 

     Then off to eat we went.  My daughter is obsessed with tacos (I've never in my life seen a 4 year old eat so many at once lol), so we went to Taco Bell.  Where I stood in line with both kids in tow for what seemed like 30 minutes.  Finally we gave our order, got our pops, got our food, and found a seat.  Where my daughter proceeded to eat her taco the same way she always does (like it's a watermelon).  And my son decided he had no interest in eating at all.  Instead he thought it would be much more fun, to throw various item onto the floor, such as his food, his sippy cup, and of course his paci.  And then turned around and tried to pull the business woman's hair that (for some unknown reason?) decided to sit right behind us, when there was a million available seats!  Why people do that still amazes me, if I was a single woman, going out for lunch with a college, I most definitely wouldn't sit right behind the screaming toddler!  But hey to each their own!  So after telling Banner for the hundredth time "no", "please stop", "sit down NOW!!".  I decided it was time to again pack up the kids and head for the car.
    So now that everyone is buckled in once again, it is time for our final stop of the day, before going home!  To the grocery store, now I want to remind everyone, that I usually don't have any problems with my kids at the store.  Other than the occasional, poop coming out of the diaper, or Banner screaming because he loves to hear himself.  But other than that we are good to go.  And I didn't think this time would be any different!  Boy was I wrong!  So we got a cart, one with a car, because my daughter had been good most of the day, and usually I tell her no, but today I gave in.  BIG mistake!!  I put Audrey in the car, and Banner in the front of the cart, with my list, and purse.  But after him loosing his only paci, throwing my list out, and all of the items out of my purse.  I decided he needed to go in the car with his sister.  Where he was so content.  I didn't even really know either was there, it was so amazing and so peaceful!  Until that is we went to check out.  Now if you've ever used one of these carts before, you know what I'm talking about (I never had before, only Chris lol).  After I finally figured out how to squeeze myself into where I could put my items up on the counter, it then took my 20 minutes to figure out how to make the cart fit in the isle (why don't they make the isles big enough for these carts? Oh and by the way, they are insane to turn!)  It was then I realized that the candy at the check out where on my sons side of the car, and he too had realized it!  He proceeded to yank every package of M&M's and Skittles he could find off the shelf, and into the tiny car, while my daughter yelled "no Banner your going to get into trouble!".  All while the cashier looked at me like I was stupid!  So 7 months pregnant and all I had to lean over the cart, and the top of the car (picture me laying across this stupid thing) so I could unbuckle my son and drag him out the windshield of the little car.  I then asked my daughter to put everything back, and put my son in the cart basket.  That was my next HUGE mistake.  As soon as I sat him down, he spotted the little shiny red bottles of 5 Hour Energy  which he then through into our cart.  So I picked him up again, and put him in the front of the cart, and buckled his little ass down!  And then took all the little red bottles out of the cart!  We finally then checked out without any problems, and I took my little brats to the car, and buckled them in.  That's where I declared I'm never going to the store without their dad EVER again!!! 
    Oh and I know your thinking, well at least they burnt out their energy, and slept good on the way home, or when they got home.  Um no my daughter sang the same song the whole (1 hour drive) way home, while my son tried to scream over top of her.  Then when we got home, my son and daughter went full force at each other, just like always!  So help me lord, I hope this baby can handle her brother, and sister!  And lord please give me the patience to handle all three!  So how are your days out with your kids?


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